Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ramalingeshwara temple complex,Avani near mulbagal

This is a huge temple complex has more than six temples and the main four among those are the Ramalingeshwara,Laxmanalingeshwara,Bharathalingeshwara and Shatrugnalingeshwara. this is a historical and as well as a archeolgical site where the history tells that the Lord rama and his brothers have installed four shivlingas here while finishing their vanavasa. these temples look very nice and the structures are carved nicely. and it has a huge compound,entrance and also a kalyani.annual carnival festival is celebrated in a grand scale. the sitha devi temple is located on the top of the huge hill sarrounded by rocks.and a temple dedicated to sharada devi is also found here. you can reach avani from mulbagal on bethamangala is approximately 10kms from mulbagal.

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