Saturday, November 21, 2009

some of the nice stone carvings inside the temple complex.


  1. Hi, Thanks a lot for the beautiful work and the amount of information shared. This is truly a great work and i am very happy that i found this place. I am also from Kolar but did not know that our town is so historically important.

    By the way which place is this photo of (Lava & Kusha's birth place?)

    Can you please share with me your contact e-mail to keep in touch and get more information.

    1. hi bharad, sorry to reply so late, as i have not in touch with this blog for so long, anyway i will clear your question that the place where the lava and kusha born in kolar district is AVANI a village near mulbagal, where each stone tells a story related to the indian mythology. you are welcome to send any queries to, regards..